Our History and Future

                                    Our History

                                    Founded in Reno, Nevada in 2012 by Kent Young, a gaming industry veteran with over 30 years of global gaming experience, Spin Games was created to develop and design premium and aggregated gaming content and technology for the regulated global gaming market.

                                    Building on his extensive experience in developing and providing slot machine content to operators in the Americas and Asia Pac, Kent was one of the first industry veterans to foresee the potential of the US i-Gaming market. In 2011, when the US Department of Justice revised its Wire Act opinion and opened the door for online gaming, Kent saw an excellent opportunity for a nimble company that could quickly develop and deploy gaming content across a wide range of computer and mobile devices, and he set out to create a company that could do just that.

                                    Working with Michael Halvorson, an experienced content developer and programmer, Spin first focused on developing a remote gaming server platform that could support a wide range of content for play across multiple devices. Built using the highly flexible HTML5 format that uses a large set of technologies to enable more diverse and powerful software applications, the resulting ROC (Robust Online Client) remote gaming server was soon enabling a wide range of proprietary slot, video poker and bingo games and became the first RGS technology proposed for use in the emerging New Jersey online gaming market. As a result, when New Jersey i-Gaming launched in 2013, our company was one of the state’s first approved technology providers, playing an important role in opening New Jersey’s i-Gaming market with partnerships with Caesars Entertainment, Golden Nugget and Resorts Atlantic City.

                                    During the years that followed Spin’s successful launch in New Jersey, our company expanded its North America footprint with regulatory licenses in growing online markets like Pennsylvania, and British Columbia, Canada, and deployed in Europe after obtaining a United Kingdom Gambling Commission gaming license. To deepen our content portfolio, Spin secured content development licensing agreements through numerous partnerships with slot manufacturers and other third-party suppliers and opened a design and development studio in Chennai, India, to extend our development capabilities and speed to better support the rapidly growing US online market.

                                    Today, we provide our i-Gaming content and technology in multiple North America markets where online gaming is allowed and develop both proprietary and third-party content for our growing customer base. Spin’s impressive content library exceeds 150 accessible titles across a wide range of themes, with new games continually in development. And, our RGS platform is used by dozens of companies throughout North America to provide online content and has consistently proven its versatility and value.

                                    Our Future

                                    Thanks to our nimble development team and our versatile remote gaming server platform, Spin is well positioned to take advantage of the continued global growth of play for fun and play for money i-Gaming. Our well-established reputation in the rapidly growing USA online market places us in an excellent position to benefit from the macro growth that additional jurisdictions legalizing i-Gaming will provide, and although our focus will remain on supporting the rapidly growing North American market, we will continue to evaluate and pursue strategic global growth to enable us to become a powerhouse in other markets.

                                    And, because providing premium content will be a key driver of our future growth, Spin will continue to pursue partnerships that will expand our licensed content category while simultaneously investing in original content across our content categories. Most importantly, our dedication and commitment to our team members and customers will remain a cornerstone of maintaining our existing market position and success while creating sustainable growth for our future.

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