DevOps Developer

                                    DevOps Developer

                                    Job Summary

                                    Our DevOps team is looking for an experienced developer to come in and join the team to support our site integrations and assist our development team with continuous integrations and deployments.


                                    As a DevOps Developer you will monitor our servers around the world and ensure their up time. You will also be responsible for creating new processes and scripts to maintain our infrastructure at peak performance.


                                    Structure and maintain the software configuration management system.
                                    Automate and maintain the software build process.
                                    Automate software deployment and monitoring.
                                    Monitor site stability, performance, and troubleshoot site issues.
                                    Scale infrastructure to meet rapidly increasing demand.
                                    Collaborate with developers to bring new features and services into production.
                                    Provide support to development teams that use the automated infrastructure.
                                    Develop and improve operational practices and procedures.
                                    3+ years of related experience.

                                    About Us

                                    Here at Spin Games, we have spent the last four years developing a market leading Remote Gaming Server with a portfolio of over 200+ games, deployed worldwide. Our success is based on a small, ambitious team that balances work, creativity and fun in a collaborative environment.

                                    Our Benefits/Perks
                                    Medical, Dental and Vision
                                    Generous paid time off
                                    Short and Long term incentive plan
                                    Matching 401k
                                    Life Insurance
                                    Short Term and Long Term Disability
                                    Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
                                    Game Lounge
                                    Snack bar stocked with beverages and snacks
                                    Open collaborative environment
                                    Positive energetic team culture
                                    Relaxed comfortable work environment
                                    Bicycle Parking

                                    Please send your resume and cover letter to

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