Empire Action TM

                                    Game Details

                                    Game Features Empire Action is a standalone number game played with a set of 4 cards against a random draw of 60 numbers. Each number drawn matches a number on a card triggering a ‘HIT”. A winning combination is determined by the set of winning combinations in the paytable. An additional 7 patterns may be played for an ante bet of 10 credits. All ante be patterns are evaluated separately from the primary pattern and awards are fixed credits paid in conjunction with primary game awards. A winning combination occurs when all hits in a combination are on the same card, then the player is awarded the winning amount. For a 10 credit antebet, player is payed out for an additional 7 patterns with a separate, higher RTP.
                                    Reels 4
                                    Lines 1, 2, 3, 5, 10
                                    Max Bet 160
                                    Variations 94.28%
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