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                                    Spin Games Announced as Winner of Best Innovation Gaming Product in North America

                                    Posted on April 26, 2016

                                    Rapid GamesTM by Spin Games/Respin LLC – The Industries First Class II Mobile On-Property Chosen as 2016 Best Innovation Gaming Product
                                    in North America by I-Gaming.

                                    Reno, NV, April 18, 2016 – Spin Games and ReSpin LLC, leaders in interactive gaming technology and content development for the global slot and interactive markets, announced today that they are the proud recipient of the iGaming Best Innovation Award for North America.

                                    iGaming North America announced on Thursday April 7th, that Spin Games/Respin’s Rapid Games product won the Best Innovation Award from a finalist list of 6 companies. The award was presented during a prestigious ceremony on the third day of the iGaming North America Conference held in Las Vegas, NV to a crowd of industry executives. The awards are unique in iGaming as they are run on a non-commercial basis and by multiple?companies in the gaming space which include:?iGaming Business, The Innovation Group, eGaming Brokerage,?Lewis Roca Rothberger and BolaVerde Media Group.

                                    Rapid Games is a first of its kind Class II real-money mobile gaming solution. It provides casinos with the ability to have customers bring their own devices and play Class II games on property in regulated markets. We call this Bring Your Own Device GamingTM (B.Y.O.D). Rapid Games delivers an entertaining experience at the player’s fingertips and drives other players to get in the game.
                                    Rapid Games is part of the future of gaming in that it addresses the millennial segment and a great opportunity in the land-based market for operators to create new revenue streams with massive growth potential. It is a perfect product for the millennial trend. Players can play on their own device anywhere inside the approved casino. They can be at a slot machine playing a land-based game and simultaneously play Rapid Games on their mobile devices. They can lay by the pool or be in the Jacuzzi and play Rapid Games.?? Players can be in the casino restaurant, sports bar or buffet and play Rapid Games or even play from their casino hotel room.

                                    Rapid Games is the first B.Y.O.D. Class II multi-tenant solution on the market which uses Internet gaming technology that has been integrated with a “secure wallet” and allows players to transfer credits from their phone; and uses a Class II compliant version of the Spin Games/Respin script, newer technology, to serve content to an iframe window across any device that supports Chromium. Utilizing the Rapid Games ROCTM PRNG; our HTML5 remote gaming server streamlines gaming content for mobile and variety of online interactive markets. Its robust technology allows for rapid integration, giving gaming operators the flexibility and control to reach online customers with the greatest convenience and functionality.

                                    Judges were impressed how Spin Games/Respin had merged the mobile and land based worlds within the boundaries of regulation, driving both a disruptive and innovative product. The product was ideal for millennial users who are comfortable with multitasking with their devices while on-property, which is a key component for future growth of the gaming industry.

                                    Igaming Business North America (Subsidiary of iGaming Business) specializes in publishing and providing high level information to the iGaming sector through magazines, events and intelligence reports, and is the biggest publishing company within the sector.

                                    “It is a great honor to be the recipient of this award and we are thrilled to be a part of the future of gaming. The most exciting part is that Rapid Games is only one part of our millennial product offerings and we look forward to releasing these products during 2016.” said Kent Young, Owner and CEO of Spin Games.

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