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                                    Spin Games Awarded Several Accolades

                                    Posted on March 3, 2014

                                    Spin Receives Entrepreneur, Technology Entrepreneur of the Year, Technology Startup Entrepreneur and Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Award

                                    Spin Games LLC, a front runner interactive gaming technology and content development in the global slot and interactive markets announced today that they are a proud recipient of several awards.

                                    The Nevada’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (NCET) just awarded Spin Games with Technology Entrepreneur and Technology Startup of the Year. Additionally, this award follows with the Reno Gazette’s Journal’s (RGJ) award of Best New Entrepreneur of the Year. Being awarded all three awards has only happened once the NCET and RGJ history of the award.

                                    Just a few weeks ago, Spin was also a recipient of the Casino Journal’s ‘Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technologies for 2014, for the development of The ROCTM (Robust Online Client), a HTML5 remote gaming server which delivers interactive content on multiple platforms including IOS and Android as well as desktop applications, and has been developed with multiple game engines to support a volume of quality content.. Casino Journal an industry publication in conjunction with the Gaming Technology Summit announced Spin as a winner of this prestigious award which was judged by an independent four-person panel that ultimately selected 20 worthy gaming industry products.

                                    “This is a big year for Spin Games and I attribute these awards to the hard work and diligent efforts of his team, family and community,” said Kent Young, “We are making our mark on several fronts and our hard work in 2013 paid off, and we are forging ahead to create additional groundbreaking technologies in 2014”.

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