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                                    Spin Games LLC Announces New RGS Technology Integration and Licensing Deal with Gaming Realms

                                    Posted on May 8, 2017

                                    Reno, NV, April 24, 2017.? Spin Games LLC announced today the execution of an RGS – RGS integration and technology license agreement with Gaming Realms PLC.? Under the agreement Spin Games and Gaming Realms will complete an RGS – RGS integration; combining the power of both companies’ RGS technology stacks.

                                    The technology integration will allow for rapid deployment of Gaming Realms’ content into Spin’s regulated markets, utilizing Spin’s existing integrations and distribution channels.

                                    Kent Young, CEO of Spin Games stated, “Being able to combine our technologies and have the ability to execute RGS – RGS integrations with Gaming Realms, will allow for rapid deployment of Gaming Realms content via the Spin ROCTM. We are delighted to have the ability and opportunity to enhance our technology solutions with content partners such as Gaming Realms, enabling us to provide superior state-of-the–art intelligent content solutions to our customers.

                                    Atul Bali, Deputy Chairman of Gaming Realms said “We are excited to offer our award – winning game portfolio to regulated market operators through high quality distribution partners such as Spin.”

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