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                                    Spin Games LLC Executes Mutual Agreement with Traffic Generation LTD

                                    Posted on February 3, 2014

                                    TraffGen to Integrate Marketing Data Analytics Technology in Spin’s Robust Online Client?

                                    Reno Nevada, Spin Games LLC, a front runner in the interactive gaming market announced today the execution of a mutual agreement with Traffic Generation LTD (TraffGen) to integrate their marketing data analytics technology into the Spin Robust Online Client? (ROC).

                                    Under the agreement, customers will be able to utilize Spin Games’ content and Traffgen’s marketing & social analysis tools which when combined make a powerful for-wager offering.

                                    The ROC, an HTML5 RGS designed by Spin specifically for the regulated US interactive gaming market offers a broad range of game content. The ROC delivers content on multiple platforms, including IOS and Android as well as desktop applications. Additionally, it has been developed with multiple game engines including slots, video poker, ball games, table games and Keno which support a volume of quality content.

                                    Traffgen, a leader in advanced data analytics and marketing solutions, offers a range of managed services based upon its Hub player social/gaming insight and monetization platform along with product optimization to quickly and effectively optimize a customer’s game settings, promotions, and every other variable that can influence a player’s experience based upon gaming, marketing & social data from Facebook, TripAdvisor, Yelp and more. Their professional services team consists of some of the finest analysts, cross-marketing, conversion and monetization experts in the world.

                                    “We are excited to partner with Traffgen and offer a combined solution which not only delivers customized game content but also assists our customer in maximizing player engagement and drives revenue across land-based and interactive platforms.” said Kent Young, President of Spin Games.

                                    Andy Caras-Altas, CEO of Traffgen commented “Spin Games makes a perfect strategic partner for TraffGen as we grow rapidly in the US gaming market. Combining our cross-platform view, gaming & marketing tools, and real time player opinions with some of the best performing games content in the market makes a compelling & exciting proposition. Together, the ROC and the Hub are unlike any other gaming platform in the land-based/digital gaming market.”

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