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                                    Spin Games Releases Two New And Exciting HTML5 Slot Games

                                    Posted on March 30, 2015

                                    Spin Games a leading forerunner in game technology and content are celebrating the release of 2 exciting new games, Fiesta SenoritaTM and Triple?Bombshell BettiesTM. Both games feature amazing graphics, sound and exciting game play. Initially launched with Blitzoo on the Solara casino site, the games will be rolled out through other distribution channels. The company now has a total of 16 Spin HTML5 games live on different social and for wager sites.

                                    fiesta-seniorita-bellyShake up your maracas with Fiesta Senorita, a 3×5 reel, 40 line game featuring multiple bonuses including Wheel PowerTM, a unique wheel concept allowing players a chance for extra wheel spins and free spins on the base game. Fiesta Senorita also has a scatter trigger, allowing for up to 180 free spins.

                                    bombshell-bellyTriple Bombshell Betties is a 4x 5 reel, 40 line game with anticipation reels. By achieving the Three Bombshell Betty trigger the players trigger the Bombshell Betty target practice bonus and players gets to choose their targets and have a chance for big awards when the target is hit.

                                    Kent Young said, “Our objective is to position ourselves as the key supplier of interactive game content and technology. It’s great to see so many of our HTML5 games out there exhibiting exceptional performance.”

                                    Spin continues to position themselves as a key supplier and trailblazer in the US interactive space as they will continue to add to the lineup of their innovative game portfolio. Spin interactive games may also be played at and ?

                                    About Spin Games
                                    Founded in January 2012, Spin Games LLC? and subsidiary Respin LLC? established in? 2014 has offices in Reno USA, and Bangkok Thailand, designs and develops premium and customized gaming content and? smart technology solutions? for the interactive and land based markets. The Spin interactive games are versatile and produced in HTML5 Format and are compatible with pc, and multiple mobile applications.

                                    The Spin portfolio includes a broad range of themes with stellar graphics, sounds and features.?In addition, the company’s portfolio includes innovative secondary bonusing products for the global land-based and the interactive markets. For more information please visit our website at:

                                    Spin Media Contact
                                    Jeanette Youngerman
                                    Marketing Director
                                    Phone: 775-420-3550

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